Sheri Nagy

Born in Bozeman, Montana and raised in a wilderness environment, Sheri Nagy's earliest memories developed a deep love for the animals and the environment of the Northwest. Her bronze sculptures reflect this inspiration and they are known for emotional impact and realism. Her work in bronze varies from quiet, graceful pieces to others of dynamic movement that hit the observer with the raw violence also present in the animal world. The strain of the muscles, the facial expressions and the recreation of lifelike movement found in her work are the qualities she takes painstaking care to capture. She portrays the human figure in her sculptures, as well, and paints in watercolors and oils. The predominate use of the palette knife in her oil paintings reveals the heavy influence of her sculpture work.

In the last few years, she has been working on numerous sculptures and recently completed the Veterans Memorial for the city of Renton, Washington. The bronze monument features a large eagle sheltering the world under its wing with the American flag draped around the pillar of the monument.

Sheri has participated in numerous art shows including the American Professional league, New York, N.Y., the Monac National Art Show, Spokane, Washington, the Kalispell national Art Show, Kalispell, Montana, the C.M. Russell National Art Show in Great Falls, Montana and the Art on the Town in Port Angeles, Washington.

An unusual facet of Sheri's sculpture is her insistence in being involved in as many stages in the processes of casting the bronze that she is capable. This includes making her own molds from the original sculpture, poring and tooling the wax, doing the metal tooling and applying the final chemical color patina on the bronze. The addition of silver overlay is incorporated in many of her pieces.

Sheri has attended several colleges and universities, and received a B.A. in Fine Arts graduating with honors from the Montana State University. After many years of living in Washington and other states, Sheri and her family have returned to live in Missoula, Montana.